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Tools Status

Approved for Wide Use

These are tools/platforms that have been approved for university-wide use as of January 2020. Your school or department may have additional tools that are not listed here. Some tools can be integrated with Canvas while others cannot. When used in Canvas, these tools are referred to as Apps; they may also be referred to as LTI tools because they adhere to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard.



How to Add Tool to Your Canvas Site

Google Apps

Share documents, collect assignments

  • Get configuration information
  • Go to Settings > Apps in your Canvas course
  • Click Google Apps
  • Click Add App
  • Add config information
  • Click Add App


Grade homework or exams

Request installation by emailing


Media-rich discussions

Request installation by emailing


Classroom polling

Request installation by emailing


Create and share MATLAB-based assignments and have students’ MATLAB code automatically graded

Request installation by emailing



Video capture and streaming

  • Go to Settings > Navigation in your Canvas course
  • Drag the tool called Course Videos to the active tool list
  • Click Save

Pearson MyLab & Mastering

Learning activities

Request installation by emailing


Q&A-style discussion 

Request installation by emailing

Poll Everywhere

Classroom or remote polling

The integration is set up entirely on the Poll Everywhere side. There is no placement on the Canvas course navigation bar. Follow instructions on how to import Canvas student roster into Poll Everywhere


Link to external web sites from course navigation bar

  • Go to Settings > Apps in Canvas course
  • Click Redirect Tool (rounded arrow)
  • Click Add App
  • Enter Name and URL
  • Check the Show in Course Navigation Option, (optional)
  • Uncheck 'Force open in new tab' option to load web site in frame
  • Click Add App

SCRIBE (SensusAccess)

Document conversion system supporting the transformation of text and image-based file types into different formats

Currently available at

Canvas integration slated for Winter 2021


Textbook and learning activity resources

No Stanford-wide license, so instructors must provide configuration information to the Stanford Canvas Team

Request installation by emailing


Video/web conferencing

Already installed in every course. If not displaying in course navigation, go to Settings > Navigation, drag tool to active tool list, click Save.

Approved for Pilot/Limited Use 

These are tools/platforms that have been approved for use within a limited context. For instance, a few courses may be piloting a tool so that instructors and their students can fully experience what the tool has to offer. Feedback from piloteers will help to determine whether the tool will be adopted for use across the university.




Collaborative annotation

If you are interested in participating in a Fall 2020 pilot, send an email to


Video conferencing platform

If you are interested in participating in a Fall 2020 pilot, send an email to

Under Review





Voice, video, and text communication service

On hold while awaiting response from vendor


Video-calling space that allows multiple people to hold separate conversations in parallel and easily navigate around those conversations 

On hold while vendor addresses accessibility concerns


Visual collaboration workspace

Step 4 of review process


Video discussion platform

Step 4 of review process

Google Colab

Data analysis tool from Google Research

Step 4 of review process


Virtual communication platform

Step 3 of review process