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Classrooms Reimagined Standards

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These upgrades are among the first wave of investments through Stanford Classrooms Reimagined, the university’s ten year strategic plan to upgrade and support our classrooms and informal learning environments.

Classroom Technology Packages

New presentation technology features an intuitive touchscreen interface, improved sound and lighting, a space-saving profile for the equipment stack. All classrooms have an installed HDMI cable with an attached adapter that supports USB-C connection. Mac OS users also have the option for wireless presentation via Apple TV. If your device requires additional adapters or cables, please contact Classroom Technology Support in advance of your class. View the complete list of classrooms and their technology packages in the University Classrooms Inventory.

Basic Presentation: Smart Panel Classrooms

Basic Presentation Classrooms are typically smaller rooms that are equipped with audio reinforcement, digital projection, touch screen AV control and connections for laptops and mobile devices. Please see these resources for more detailed instructions:

Printable Instructions: Basic Presentation Classroom

These rooms do not have built-in microphones, video-conferencing, or lecture capture capabilities available.



Interactive Videoconference Classrooms

Interactive Videoconference Classrooms rooms are equipped with audio reinforcement, digital projection, touch screen AV control, connections for laptops & mobile devices, as well as a wireless microphone to provide voice lift, and cameras for web-conferencing and lecture capture.

These rooms feature voice-tracking, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, microphones that enable everyone in the room and online to hear each other, and the ability to record the class using software such as Zoom or Panopto. Please see these resources for more detailed instructions:

Printable Instructions: Single Screen Display

Printable Instructions: Dual Screen Display

Printable Instructions: Use videoconferencing in this room

How-to video: Connect your laptop/device for presentation

How-to video: Use videoconferencing in this room

Default Classroom Layouts

Responding to feedback from instructors and student service officers, we are changing the furniture in classrooms to better support pedagogy and instruction, adjusting the teaching capacity where appropriate. We are also optimizing usage of every square foot we have by creating new and larger classrooms in response increased enrollment.


Students are seated in rows, all facing the instructor. Rooms capacities range from 40 to 702, with a few smaller than 40. Case study rooms also easily support lecture.


Students are seated in an oval or around a shared center table. Seminar rooms range in capacity from 6 to 24.

Small Group

To facilitate better group work and foster a stronger sense of classroom community, tables are placed in groups (usually) with four students per pod. Chairs swivel to allow students to shift focus easily from instructor to assigned activity. Many small group rooms are equipped with a personal dry erase board per student to support group work and presentation. Students should furnish their own dry erase markers. Most small group rooms range from 20-30. A few accommodate 48-60 students and three are much larger.

Flex Chair

The new default layout, Flex Chair, can be used for lecture, seminar, or small group, but is also its own default layout for those who specifically want to request this new room configuration. Each student is in a movable chair with a personal writing surface, tablet clip, backpack storage. Casters make it easy to shift from front facing, think-pair-share or group work seamlessly.