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In partnership with the Registrar’s Office and other Stanford offices, LTS supports many of Stanford’s technology-rich learning spaces, including classrooms and informal learning spaces. Our services include managing and enhancing classroom technology, designing and modifying classrooms, and facilitating improved classroom scheduling. We are committed to helping faculty and instructors get the most out of their classrooms, supporting instructional design, and working to make continuous enhancements to Stanford’s learning spaces.

Classrooms and Room Reservations

Most classrooms are scheduled by the Registrar’s office. View the Registrar’s Room descriptions and schedules and schedule your classrooms through your department administrator in charge of submitting room requests. Talk with your department administrator if you have questions about facilities, building managers, or scheduling. We are in the process of surveying all of the classrooms we support to update and improve the information available via the Registrar’s office. Stanford offers a variety of classroom configurations including Seminar classrooms (small, with movable chairs), Lecture classrooms (fixed seating) and Flexible classrooms (active learning classrooms, small to large).

Classroom Technology

We support many technologies in the classroom. Most general use classrooms offer flexible audio visual capability, which typically includes a SmartPanel AV control system, a projector and a pull-down or automatic screen. In some cases, flat screen displays are provided for their enhanced image quality. Prepare for your class in advance by visiting and testing out any media devices that you may need. Contact us to find out more.

Flexible and Specialized Classrooms

We support four flexible, special-capability technology-rich classrooms, facilitating active and distant learning. These classrooms are specifically designed for enhanced class collaboration and presentations. Find out more about these classrooms and learn how you can preschedule.

University-wide Master Plan & Survey

LTS has been charged to facilitate the development of a master plan for classrooms and informal learning spaces. This plan will include new guiding principles for campus learning spaces, a 10-year roadmap and capital plan for updating, retrofitting, and constructing learning spaces, and a plan for ongoing technology and furnishing provisions.  We will be surveying all faculty to obtain your feedback on the future of facilities. Contact us to find out more.