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LTS designs, manages, and supports many of Stanford’s technology-rich learning spaces, including University Classrooms and informal learning spaces. We are committed to helping faculty and instructors get the most out of their classrooms, supporting instructional design, and working to make continuous enhancements to Stanford’s learning space.

Classroom Technology

Most general use classrooms offer flexible audio visual capability, which typically includes a SmartPanel AV control system, a projector and a pull-down or automatic screen. In some cases, flat screen displays are provided for their enhanced image quality. Prepare for your class in advance by visiting and testing out any media devices that you may need. Contact us to find out more.

Microphones & Voicelift

Many of our largest rooms have built-in microphone systems. Instructors teaching in these rooms do not need to do anything in advance. Simply use the microphone that is provided in the room. 

The Stanford academic experience means small class sizes, so most of our rooms do not need voice lift systems. Instructors who prefer to use a Personal PA system may request one by contacting LTS Classroom Technology Support.

Recording Courses

Instructors are not required to record their classes or to teach hybrid classes. See Course Guidance for more information

Instructors who wish to do so, e.g. to provide an “allowance” (not an official accommodation) to support students who need to be absent from class have multiple options. Please see Recording Courses - Options, Resources for Instructors

Classrooms and Room Reservations

University Classrooms are scheduled by the Registrar’s office and managed by Learning Technologies & Spaces. View the Room descriptions and schedules and schedule your classrooms through your department administrator in charge of submitting room requests. Talk with your department administrator if you have questions about facilities, building managers, or scheduling. Stanford offers a variety of classroom configurations including Seminar classrooms (small, with movable chairs), Lecture classrooms (fixed seating) and Flexible classrooms (active learning classrooms, small to large).

Flexible and Specialized Classrooms

We support four flexible, special-capability technology-rich classrooms, facilitating active and distant learning. These classrooms are specifically designed for enhanced class collaboration and presentations. Find out more about these classrooms and learn how you can preschedule.

Outdoor Instructional Space

Outdoor canopies are available for ad hoc (not regularly scheduled) class meetings, larger group meetings and study sessions. Canopies are equipped with tables, chairs, dry erase board, wipes and are cleaned regularly. Canopies do not offer power and may have limited WiFi. Advance reservations are required through the Registrar’s Office. During Autumn 2021, canopies are available at Knight Courtyard (between Lathrop Library and LIttlefield) and Bechtel Lawn.